Digitizer EX V5.0P update Nov. 2016

NEW Digitizer JR & EX V5.0P is now available as an « Auto update » message when running the software.


An internet connection is necessary for the update.
If the "Auto" message is cancelled, the update will appear the next time the user runs their software.

The main improvements and fixes in V5.0P are as follows (complete improvement list in zip file):

*Activation issues related to Windows 10 have been addressed by updating HASP drivers

*Direct PC link functionality has been added to Digitizer Jr for 9900, 940 and 970 users

*Hilos Iris thread information has been added


As well as this Auto Update, the V5.0P update is also available as download. Please go to the bottom of this page to download the update.


Installing this Digitizer V5.0P Update :
1. Download the single file and save it on your PC. 
2. Double click ‘Setup.exe'. Installation commences immediately. 
3. A Welcome screen is displayed showing your current version and the version to which you are updating. 
4. Click ‘Next'. 
5. The Select Features screen is displayed. Select the components and additional languages you wish to install. 
6. Click ‘Next'. 
7. Click ‘Install'. Installation starts automatically. 
8. Click ‘Finish' to complete the installation. 
9. Double click the desktop icon to use the updated software.


Note: Most of your existing Digitizer default settings will automatically be merged with the update installation.

Натисни тук за сваляне (zip, 575.76M)