Digitizer EX Junior V 4.0

This version of the Elna embroidery software is the first step software compatible with embroidery machines. You will discover easy features, which allow you to create beautiful embroidery designs.


Discover the main features of the Digitizer Exjr V4.0.


Automatic or semi automatic digitizing options:

Choose from two options for digitizing and create unique embroidery based on a clipart image.






3D View:

Your embroidery as it were already embroidered. Use this option with a background fabric or with the hoop to see how your design will look when stitched out. You can also change your colors to choose the appropriate one.






Fantastic textures: 

To give more effect to your embroidery, add one of the beautiful embossed patterns. Your selection is instantly visible on the screen.This essential feature will embossed your creation.






Colours threads:

Give a natural look or a special POP ART look to your projects by changing the colours of the threads. Different brands references are represented.






Embroidered lettering: 

Create professional quality lettering quickly and easily. Digitizer EXjr V4.0 offers a broad range of scalable, modifiable alphabet styles.Determining the orientation, shape and spacing between letters couldn't be easier. The software is available with a wide choice of 14 different font styles. 






Special arrangement:

The function allows you to multiple by 4 your embroidery designs on the fabric. Create an arrangement of large embroidery in one click. The drawings are automatically copied, rotated and placed in the work area.






XXL embroidery and multiple hoops: 

You wish to create big size embroidery or multiply your creations; it's possible with the function "Combine". Add a hoop, oversize the embroidery is abreeze. To visualize the quantity of hooping each frame has a different color(up to 8 hoops).






And more...

Digitizer EX Junior V4.0 comes with sophisticated functions that allow you to easily create your own unique designs. And if you're stumped for inspiration, simply choose from the vast selection of ready-to-use designs, or from the extensive library of clipart.




Fits with these machines :

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