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The Seminole Indians of Florida developed this technique. Begin by sewing together different colored fabric strips using a 1/4" seam allowance. Sew this same group of strips 2 times creating fabric strip lengths. Cut one fabric strip length at a 45 degree angle to create 15 cm wide pieces. Cut the other fabric strip length at a 135 degree angle to create 15 cm wide pieces: 

Seminole exemple 1




Lay out and sew together the 15 cm wide pieces so they form a chevron - 45° piece, 135° degree piece, 45° piece, 135° piece, etc.


 seminole exemple2




seminole exemple3

NOTE: This chevron was constructed by starting with 11 different fabric strips. The same sewing method applies no matter how many different fabric strips are used.



Seminole patchwork must be very precise and a 1/4" foot should be used for accurate results. If you plan to quilt your Seminole patchwork, a walking foot and clear monofilament thread for the needle are recommended.