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So Stylish, so easy, so much fun!

Do you have a thing about shoes? You know what we mean - you're obsessed with having unique footwear that completes your "ensemble". Well, no longer do you need to endlessly hunt the shoe racks. Now you can just purchase the properly colored boots and custom embroider them.



  • Boots with a zipper
  • 40 wt. embroidery thread
  • Elna bobbin thread for embroidery
  • Jeans or leather needle - size 90/14


  1. Unzip a boot. Position and secure the boot in the continuous hoop.
  2. Attach the hoop to the machine. Select a built-in continuous hoop design or a design on an optional card.
  3. Be sure to support the heel of the boot with your hand while the machine embroiders.
  4. Repeat process on other boot.

 What a simple, elegant way to enhance your stylish look!