Elna 9900 Update V1.10

Download the update V1.10 and the supplement instruction for more options !



Name of parts

  • Spool rest (shape changed)

Selecting the embroidery patterns

  • Circle key (color section)

Editing functions

  • Optional special hoops
  • Optional monogram hoops

Combining the patterns and lettering

  • Circle key (grouping)
  • Circle key (zoom)
  • Circle key (scroll)
  • Scroll icon

Starting to embroider

  • Circle key (sewing speed)

Customizing the settings with the sub control panel and RCS unit

  • Resume mode ON/OFF
  • Locking stitch ON/OFF (after color change)
  • Locking stitch ON/OFF (after thread trimming)

Click here to download (zip, 8.36M)