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Materials :

  • Polar fleece fabric in two different colours; each piece 25cm x 150cm wide
  • Decorative overlocker thread (ribbon type, colour/s to match the fabrics)


Instructions: (diagramme shows a blue-grey scarf)

  1. Cut out three strips of grey polar fleece measuring 6cm wide and 150cm long.
  2. Cut out three more 150cm long strips of blue polar fleece measuring 6cm wide in the centre, and 7cm wide at each end (you should obtain three slightly flared strips).
  3. Pin the strips together, alternating the two different colours. Taking your overlocker, select a 3-thread stitch, and thread the machine using decorative thread/s in the two loopers and ordinary thread in the needle.
  4. Sew the six strips together, varying thread colours if desired. When finished, tidy up the length at the ends if necessary.
  5. Overlock both ends of your scarf using the same 3-thread stitch, taking care when stitching over the seams.
  6. Your finished scarf should measure around 150 x 29cm.