Elna 9020 Xquisit II

Elna 9020 Xquisit II


No matter where you are in your journey through life, the versatile Xquisit II is there by your side. As you've experienced, sewing renews your spirit and lets you express yourself in many ways, whether it's embroidery, wearable art, quilting, couture, bridal, heirloom, western wear, carnival, home decor. Just start with a length of fabric or purchase something and add your own special touch. Let your creativity take over; the machine will do the rest. Totally automated threading, automatic bobbin winding, hoop sensors, hint messages, plan-ahead thread color organizer, updatable software - these are just a few of the numerous benefits when you choose Elna.

In a world filled with choices when it comes to sewing and embroidery, there's only one choice - the Elna Xquisit II.


  • Fully automated threading - from spool through needle eye
  • Full-color LCD screen
  • On-screen instruction manual
  • Hint messages
  • Personalized machine function settings
  • Adjustable sewing speed up to 850 spm
  • Multiple languages
  • Automatic thread tension - computer system automatically releases correct thread amount for ultimage stitch performance
  • Needle thread and bobbin thread sensors
  • Presser foot lever sensor
  • Automatic thread cutter key - programmable
  • Start/stop key - for embroidery and traditional sewing
  • Up/down needle key
  • Dual lights - eliminate shadows
  • Extra presser foot lift
  • Serial port for direct PC hookup


  • Fully automated bobbin winding - free embroidery bobbin thread spool included
  • Extra large embroidery area (24 x 14 cm / 9 ½" x 5 ½"
  • Feed dog automatically lowers when embroidery unit is attache
  • Multiple hooping – plots points on-screen for alignment of 2 or more large hoopings
  • Wide array of built-in designs including Continuous Hoop designs
  • On-screen layout, alignment grid turns on and off
  • 6 alphabets – resize in 1 mm increments
  • Rotate (in 1° increments), mirror image, change size and spacing
  • Easy embroidery editing
  • 32 permanent memories – up to 120 characters and letters in each
  • Temporary embroidery memory restarts where left off
  • Power failure function for embroidery
  • Hoop detector
  • Hoops included:
  • 3 standard hoops – large, medium, small
  • Continuous Hoop - embroider borders with special quick-clamp hoop
  • Embroidery Cards (optional)
  • Continuous Hoop Border Embroidery Card included
  • Xpressive II software (optional)


  • 320+ stitches, including 12 buttonholes
  • Choice heirloom and quilt stitches
  • Directional feed patterns – larger than 7 mm with no hoop
  • Directional sewing – forward, backward, left, right without pivoting
  • 5 alphabets, 7 mm – 25 mm
  • Lockstitch – programmable
  • Maximum stitch width 7 mm
  • Maximum stitch length 5 mm (basting – 20 mm)
  • Elongation – satin stitches up to 5 times original length
  • Combine stitches from different groups
  • 2 color – certain stitches alternate needle and bobbin threads on right side of fabric
  • Size – change from small to medium to large
  • Mirror image and face to face
  • Cascade – 6 choices arrange stitches in steps rather than in a straight line
  • Direct editing – edit any stitch within a sequence
  • Grid
  • 20 permanent memories – up to 120 characters and letters in each
  • Strong needle penetration on all fabrics
  • Free arm
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Knee lifter


  • Three convenient storage areas accommodate presser feet, bobbins, needles, screwdriver, quilt guide. lint brush, seam ripper, eyelet punch, scissors, tweezers, fabric marker and more 
    • under top cover
    • in extension table
  • plastic pouch
  • Foot control with retractable cord
  • Storage bag – two-part, wheeled

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