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  • 70cm of baize or similar
  • 70cm of non-slip backing fabric
  • 2.9 metres of bias binding (1cm wide)
  • Ruler
  • Tailor's chalk



  1. Take the baize and cut out a square measuring 70cm x 70cm. Mark out diagonals and intersection points using simple tacking stitch (follow the dotted lines on the diagramme below).

  2. To position an appliqué or create a decorative embroidered pattern in each of the corners, take the chalk and draw an arrow from each corner of the fabric square towards the centre, stopping when you reach the line of tacking (see diagramme).
  3. Centre your embroidery pattern or appliqués on these arrows and sew into place.
  4. When you've finished embroidering or sewing your appliqués, take the square and lay it on top of the underside of your non-slip backing fabric. Carefully cut around it, so that you finish with two squares of identical size.
  5. Pin the two squares together, ensuring that the non-slip side of your backing fabric is right side out.
  6. Fold the bias binding over the edges of the two squares to cover the join, and sew into place around all four sides. Remove the pins.
  7. For an elegant finish, and to ensure the two pieces of fabric are securely held together, use your ruler and chalk to mark a 20cm square in the centre of the cloth (see diagramme), and sew over using a plain or decorative stitch.
  8. Dust off the chalk lines, remove the tacking thread - and it's your deal!