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  • A 70cm length of lightweight fabric, such as crêpe, silk or voile (width must be at least 150cm)
  • A 20cm length of 1cm-wide elastic ribbon
  • Pins
  • Thread, ruler, pencil, tracing paper, scissors


To make the pareo:

  • Download the pattern and create a version to scale using tracing paper.
  • Cut out the pattern and pin it onto the fabric.
  • Using a pencil, trace around the pattern. Do not allow for a hem.
  • Unpin and remove the pattern, and carefully cut out the fabric along the traced lines.
  • Thread your overlocker and select a decorative stitch.
  • Overlock all sides of your pareo.
  • Tie all thread ends off by hand, to ensure they hold firm.


Special tip:

Regardless of the model, all Elna overlockers offer a wide range of decorative stitches. For example:

  • 3-thread overlock. Use embroidery thread for an even more brilliant result.
  • 3-thread rolled hem. Use three threads of different colors for a truly stunning rolled finish. For even more dazzling results, use Lurex thread through the upper looper or through the needle.
  • 2-thread rolled hem. For machines that support 2-thread sewing.

Overlockers offer many different kinds of stitches - simply choose the one that exactly matches the special look you want for each new project!


To make the scrunchie:

  • Using the same fabric you used for your pareo, cut out a strip measuring 12cm x 60cm.
  • Fold the strip in half lengthways, with the right side of the fabric facing inwards.
  • Sew the two edges together right along the full length of the strip, leaving a 1cm margin.
  • Turn the strip right-side-out with the help of a needle or a safety pin.
  • Thread the elastic ribbon through the strip.
  • Knot the two ends of the elastic firmly together by hand.
  • Sew the open ends of the band to one another by hand to make a closed loop that completely covers the elastic, using small, discreet stitches.